Travel Trends: The 20 Most Visited Cities in the World for 2016

30th September 2016

MasterCard has revealed its Global Destination Cities Index, which ranks every city on the planet according to traveller volume. Over the last four years, London and Bangkok have exchanged the number-one spot three times, and in 2016, it’s Bangkok that comes out top again. Ben Brown reports 

The Thai capital leads the top 20 most visited cities, once again filled with East Asian giants, proving that travel and tourism in the region is gaining yet more speed.

The Global Destination Cities Index, now in its seventh year, combines real and predicted data to create its 2016 ranking. A “visitor” counts as someone who stays overnight, and it does not include those landing in a city to make a connecting flight or transit to another destination.

Here are the top 20 most visited cities in the world…

20. Prague
Visitors: 5.81 million
19. Shanghai
Visitors: 6.12 million
18. Vienna
Visitors: 6.69 million
17. Osaka
Visitors: 7.02 million
16. Rome
Visitors: 7.12 million
15. Taipei
Visitors: 7.35 million
14. Milan
Visitors: 7.65 million

13. Amsterdam
Visitors: 8 million
12. Barcelona
Visitors: 8.2 million
11. Hong Kong
Visitors: 8.37 million
10. Seoul
Visitors: 10.2 million
9. Tokyo
Visitors: 11.7 million
8. Istanbul
Visitors: 11.95 million
7. Kuala Lumpur
Visitors: 12.02 million

6. Singapore
Visitors: 12.11 million
5. New York
Visitors: 12.75 milionl
4. Dubai
Visitors: 15.27 million
3. Paris
Visitors: 18.03 million
2. London
Visitors: 19.88 million
1. Bangkok
Visitors: 21.47 million

Taipei City

Visitors: 7.35 million
Taipei most visited citiesThe Taiwanese capital is a cosmopolitan delight, marked by towering skyscrapers and traditional night markets. Fusing Chinese, Japanese and Western influences, the city attracts a huge volume of tourists.